Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Windows Hosts file

windows has a very special file named the hosts file, it is located in
this file allows u to define a domain & its IP, just like a DNS, but a local one but
without server, it also allows u to block a specific website, domain or any thing, only by giving it an IP that is not the real one, so there will be nothing to accept the connection
A: coz simply if u have a program that makes some sort of validations on the server, that u dont want to happen, u can do that
ur only problem is just u have to know where it connects, but there is alot of tools & ways to determine that.
its also useful since u wont need a firewall to do that, its just a local file
1- just open it from the RUN command
2- select notepad & thats it
u'll actually find the LocalHost IP there, with the domain named "localhost"
add whatever u want in the same format as the other & that should be it